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Thank you to all who were able to make it to our SIBA barbeque on August 4..

And special thanks to all those who helped to make it a success.

First Jack took up the challenge (and the spatula) to command the grilling.  His first mate was a later volunteer, Dan.

Transportation of the tables, chairs, and assorted equipment from Marion to Michele's house was done by John Warner, Steve Greenstein, Glenn Storman, and myself.  Followed by a nice breakfast at Z2.  And except for Steve, we brought the stuff back today.

Vin volunteered to show up early on barbeque day for the set up.  Dorothy volunteered to help with the clean up.  Many of you were very helpful in the final clean up. So helpful in fact, that Michele was delighted.

Michele was again very gracious to host our event in her backyard.  Even the weather cooperated. The prediction the day before was for rain all day. But we had sunny and mostly cool weather.

Many thanks also to Lex, who helped with the shopping, as usual. And always helps to prepare and bring out the food with Michele.

Corie was another helper in the kitchen.

I hope most of you got to sample those delicious flan desserts made and brought by Nancy.  And her paella, excelente!

Now my disclaimer: I am not responsible if I left out some who brought other dishes or helped in other ways. I was not aware of everyone's contribution.

I think we all got at least one plateful of the food that was on the tables. Followed by the coffee, ice cream and cakes!

Now we're all going to have to do more bicycle miles to work off those calories.  All the pictures that I took are now on our website.  If anyone has other pictures of the barbeque that they would like me to post; just send them to me via text to 718 887-1854 or e-mail at

Thirty Years & Counting

August 2018 I will celebrate my 30th year as a member of SIBA.

One of the best things I ever did was to join SIBA back in 1988. I would like to thank the club for affording me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I have rode with; doctors; nurses; lawyers; phycologist; educators; therapists; engineers; firefighters; policemen; auto mechanics and many others.

What is especially gratifying for me is that at one time or another I led them on an off island ride. I may have led more NJ rides than any other member. I have led rides for more than 25 years and in 2012, I was named by my peers as “The Greatest Ride Leader on the Planet”! In 2016 at the age of 80 I led a NJ ride! I repeated that again in 2017. I am positive I am the oldest member to lead a ride in NJ. Maybe I should change my name to “The Oldest Ride Leader on the Planet”.

I have served the club in many ways; board of director; on various committees; head ride coordinator; B group coordinator; awards and dinner MC, writer for the newsletter. Yes; at one time at the annual diner the club presented awards to members. And yes; we had a newsletter that was mailed to each member every month.

I have developed and created new rides and some are still in use by the club. Other club rides I have altered to be safer and with more right turns and less left turns. However, what I am most proud of and gave me the most satisfaction; was leading rides. There is something to be said for being a ride leader; you get to decide on what ride you will lead and most important where and when the lunch stop will be. You get to ride out front and dictate the pace and everyone is following you. They have to because you have the only que sheet!

I also enjoyed taken new members on their first NJ ride. Showing them what a difference riding in NJ is as oppose to doing the same rides on Staten Island. What I like about riding in NJ; less traffic; better roads; more scenic and the drivers are friendlier towards cyclists.

SIBA also introduced me to the many cycling events held in different states. I started attending these events back in 1991. Last year at the age of 81, I attended The Amish Tour in Dover and rode 54 miles. I have attended more than 40 cycling events in eight

states. Not a bad way to view the country; from the seat of a bicycle!

The friendships I have made through the years have endured to this day. Although some of them have stopped riding, we still get together for lunch several times a year.

I am not alone as a 30 year member our very own VP John Warner; former VP Frank

Beninati; former VP Vince Grazaino are members of this exclusive club. Next year former VP Michele Pirone will celebrate her 30th year. Do you see pattern developing here? Since I am not a former VP you can say I broke the precedent and now any member can be eligible to join the 30 year club!

When I was a young C rider of 52 years old I asked one of the senior members how can I become a more accomplished rider? He said I’ll give you three pieces of advice: ride the bike; ride the bike; ride the bike! You know what? It worked. The proof is I am still riding and have no plans to retire.

It is my understanding that the club was founded in 1977 by several guys who rode together. After 40 years the club is still flourishing and hopefully will continue.  A tip of the helmet and many thanks to SIBA; for giving me the opportunity to ride with such a great group of people.

See you on the road.

Tony Iadisernia

AKA Tony I



SIBA's annual Picnic BBQ will be on Saturday, August 4th, at 1 PM at 658 Drumgoole Rd E - (Michele's house). It is FREE to all 2018 paid SIBA members and their significant other.

Eat, Drink, and enjoy each others company.  


Register for this event by Wednesday July 30th

You must Register so we can plan accordingly.


 Go to the events calendar, and click on SIBA picnic on 29th date
Click on Register now.

If you are bringing your significant other or additional person for the picnic,

click the circle "additional non-member" and complete the registration.

The Staten Island Bicycling Association's

Official “Club Jersey” and Cycling Apparel


A Member’s Exclusive.   


The debut of the SIBA logo cycling shorts was received well at the New and Renew ride event.  The SIBA logo shorts goes well with the official SIBA cycling Jersey and the members that had missed out on the opportunity to order the shorts have been asking about getting a pair.


If you missed the opportunity, or was just undecided and didn’t order a pair of the shorts, here’s your chance. We have contacted Voler, the company that produces our cycling apparel, and we still have a chance to get another order in.


We will start taking your order immediately for the shorts or any of the cycling apparel you may be interested in, including the Official SIBA Cycling Jersey. This opportunity is only for a short time. All orders and payments must be received no later than June 31st.


** Use our website to assist you with your order (must be logged in) **

On the home page, on the right side of the apparel slide show, and below our announcement.  Click on the button that reads *Cycling Apparel*. You will be re-directed to our Storefront, where you will find all the tools needed for selecting the desired apparel, and placing your order.  You will find information regarding the product lines, size charts and links to Voler’s website.  You will also find the link to download an order form. The instruction to place your order is in the order form.

Note:  Voler, the company that produces our cycling apparel requires full payment up front. 


Additional Note: The Cycling apparel is custom made. Because your order is custom made, all orders are final.  Voler, the company that produces them also produces custom order for other teams and clubs, this requires time since they are produced in a first come first serve basis.  I will keep everyone inform of the status of our order as I receive the information from Voler. 

Posted 6/1/18

New and Renew Ride and Pizza Lunch Report, 5/28/18

Our New and Renew Ride and Pizza Lunch, was originally scheduled for May 19th.  The Ride was cancelled due to rain. However, that didn’t stop us from having our Pizza Lunch Social Event, scheduled to take place after the ride.  The social gathering was well attended. We had a better than expected attendance.  We all moved about, interacting and were well engrossed in each other’s conversations.  Some of the members were disappointed that the New and Renew Ride had to be canceled, suggesting that we make it next week. As a result, our club president moved to reschedule the ride for the following Saturday.

Saturday May 26th.  Members attending our start of the season New and Renew Ride, along with our invited guests, gathered at Miller Field. It was an impressive gathering with a good showing of riders from every ride category.  Most of our members wore the Official SIBA Cycling Jersey, the bright colors drawing attention from all directions.  It was clear something good was happening here this day.

All of SIBA’s ride group categories were present for this ride and the weather was great.  New members and guests got a moment to get acquainted with club members and joined us for the ride.  All ride group categories rolled out with an impressive number of attendees.  Roy Fischman, our Club President had a pretty big group himself with the Social/Casual attendees. We hope their ride was enjoyable and hope to see them again as the cycling season progresses.

Thank you to the members expressing interest in our New and Renew Ride. Your opinion counts your voice was heard.

A note about our SIBA apparel:  This year the SIBA Logo Shorts made its debut. Members that had ordered the SIBA Logo Shorts paired them up with the Official Club Jersey at the New and Renew Ride event.  Due to the high interest expressed for the SIBA Logo Shorts, for those of you who missed the opportunity to order a pair, we are exploring the possibility of re-ordering again this year.  Look for an announcement in the coming weeks.

Our cycling apparel is a member exclusive. You can only order them if you’re a member.