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About Group Ride Pace and Category: This information is to help you determine the ride group that is right for you.

Ride Pace: The pace listed for each group is not the average pace for the entire ride but the pace you should be able to maintain on the flats without any hills or winds.

Ride Groups A, B+, B, and C.

A = 19 + mph.
A- = 17.5 - 18.5 mph.

B + = 15.5 – 17 mph.

B = 13 to 15. mph.

C = 10 – 12.5 mph.

Saturday Ride Distance: The distance listed for each group is the average distance the group will ride on a Saturday group club ride.

Saturday Ride Groups A, B+, B, and C.

A = 35 – 40 + miles.

B + = 33 to 38 miles.

B = 28 to 33 miles.

C = 18 to 25 miles.

No Drop Rule: Groups B and C have a “No Drop” rule. This means that if a rider falls behind, the group will wait for the slower rider. The slower rider, however, can voluntarily remove themselves from the ride.

Duration of a group ride: All group rides average 2.5 to 3.0 hrs, with a 15 to 25 minute rest taken in the middle of the ride. Group B and C also take short breaks for water and after long hill climbs.

Sunday Ride Distance: The distance for on island and off island Sunday group rides vary, but mostly average 50 or more miles.  Ride distances are published and announced in advance of the ride.  Sunday rides are for member’s only.

Note: social/Casual rides are not scheduled for every Saturday. For this category, the ride season starts in June and ends in September. Look for the schedule in the Event Calendar.

Social/Casual Ride = Relaxed pace ranging from 8 to 10 mph and a distance of 12 – 15 miles. All riders stay together at all times, Speed and distance is adjusted for the new rider's skill and ability.